Valérie Sautron PhD Defense

Written on October 27, 2016

Valérie Sautron (co-supervised by Elena Terenina, INRA, GenPhySE) worked during her PhD on integrative models for systems biology in order to explain responses to stress in pigs. Her work lead to the following article:

Sautron, V., Terenina, E., Gress, L., Lippi, Y., Billon, Y., Larzul, C., Liaubet, L., Villa-Vialaneix, N., Mormede, P. (2015). Time course of the response to ACTH in pig: biological and transcriptomic study. BMC Genomics«/em>, 16(961), PMC4650497.

and several communications in conferences (ECCB 2014, SMPGD 2016, ISAG 2016, COMPSTAT 2016).

The defense

The defense took place in INRA Toulouse on October 27th with the following jury:

  • Darya Bazovkyna, Siberian Branch of Russian Academic of Sciences
  • Philippe Besse, Université de Toulouse president
  • Sandrine Lagarrigue, Agrocampus Rennes rapporteuse
  • Robert Sabatier, Université de Montpellier 1 rapporteur
  • Elena Terenina, INRA Toulouse co-directrice
  • Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix, INRA Toulouse co-directrice

Congratulation to her!