Jérome Mariette's PhD Defense

Written on December 8, 2017

Jérôme Mariette (co-supervised with Christine Gaspin, MIAT, INRA) worked during his PhD on machine learning methods for omic data inetgration. His work lead to the following articles:

Mariette, J., & Villa-Vialaneix, N. (2017). Unsupervised multiple kernel learning for heterogeneous data integration. Bioinformatics. Forthcoming.

Mariette, J., Olteanu, M., & Villa-Vialaneix, N. (2017). Efficient interpretable variants of online SOM for large dissimilarity data. Neurocomputing, 225, 31–48.

and to several communications in conferences (MARAMI 2013, WSOM 2014, WSOM 2016, ECCB 2016, ESANN 2017, CGE 2017), as well as to the development or improvement of two R packages: mixKernel and SOMbrero.

The defense

The defense will be held at INSA (salle des thèses) with the following jury:

  • Christophe Ambroise, Université d'Évry Val d'Essonne rapporteur
  • Gwennaele Fichant, Université Paul Sabatier
  • Christine Gaspin, INRA de Toulouse co-directrice
  • Mahendra Mariadassou, INRA de Jouy-en-Josas
  • Michel Verleyse, Université de Louvain, Belgique rapporteur
  • Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix, INRA Toulouse co-directrice