Alyssa Imbert's PhD defense

Written on September 25, 2018

Alyssa Imbert (co-supervised with Nathalie Viguerie, I2MC, INSERM) worked during his PhD on integrating heterogeneous and complex data from datasets with different sample sizes. Her work lead to the following articles:

Imbert, A., Valsesia, A., Le Gall, C., Armenise, C., Lefebvre, G., Gourraud, P., Viguerie, N., & Villa-Vialaneix, N. (2018). Multiple hot-deck imputation for network inference from RNA sequencing data. Bioinformatics, 34(10), 1726–1732.

Imbert, A., & Vialaneix, N. (2018). Décrire, prendre en compte, imputer et évaluer les valeurs manquantes dans les études statistiques : une revue des approches existantes. Journal De La Société Française De Statistique, 159(2), 1–55.

and to several communications in conferences (Journées de la SFdS 2016, Rencontres R 2016, Rencontres R 2018, ECCB 2018), as well as to the development of an R packages: RNAseqNet.

Alyssa’s PhD was co-funded by Région Occitanie and Methodomics.

The defense

The defense will be held at INRA (salle de conférence Marc Ridet) on October 18th at 2pm with the following jury:

  • Julie Josse, École Polytechnique de Parisrapporteuse
  • Jean-François Landrier, NORT, ISERM Marseille
  • Andrea Rau, GABI, INRA Jouy-En-Josas rapporteuse
  • Anne Ruiz-Gazen, TSE, Université Toulouse 1
  • Nathalie Viguerie, I2MC, INSERM Toulouse co-directrice
  • Nathalie Vialaneix, MIAT, INRA Toulouse co-directrice